What is Pilates?
Pilates is a different kind of workout to what you are probably used to. Using specialised Pilates equipment only found in a Pilates studio, you will work different muscles to what you have used before. Focusing on flexibility, muscular strength and endurance, Pilates is a low impact style of exercise where precision, core and correct postural alignment are critical. Pilates can take a couple of sessions before you understand what you are aiming to achieve and before you understand the effectiveness of the work you are doing. BUT it does become second nature as you progress through your Pilates journey. Pilates is a mind body exercise so you will be learning a new way to move your body more effectively and efficiently, and this takes time.

How often should I come to Pilates?
This depends on your availability and budget. Typically we say 2 times per week and the more you practice the quicker you will notice a change. The Pilates philosophy is built on a strong foundation of excellent body alignment, fewer reps and working all the body. Nothing is overdone and it is a mind body exercise.
Having said that, I completely understand that life gets in the way, so coming in once a week is better than none. I would like to think, and do encourage my clients who can only come once a week to do some home practice another day or two a week. Even if it is only for 20 minutes.

What if I have an injury?
Unfortunately, injuries do happen. Whether it be a fall, an accident or overdoing it, injuries often occur. BUT one of my favorite characteristics of Pilates is, Pilates does not discriminate. As long as you have been given clearance from your doctor we recommend you come to Pilates for your rehabilitation needs. As our classes are small and tailored specifically to the individual we will be guiding you and instructing you every step of the way as you recover.

Is Pilates for women?
Absolutely not!!! In fact, Pilates was created by a man called Joseph Pilates. With a background of boxing and self-defence, Pilates himself created this type of exercise to strengthen his entire body. He was even asked in the early 1900’s by German officials to teach his method to their army. He did decline as he did not agree with their political views.
Not really sounding girly!!!!
At some stage Pilates became more popular with women, maybe it is because generally men tend to strengthen their bodies from the outside and from the inside.
Any male that says Pilates is for girls, I encourage them to come and try a class. I will most certainly give them a challenging work out.
If you have any other questions you want answered, please do not hesitate to call the studio on 95969930. I am only too happy to answer any queries you may have as I understand that starting something new can be daunting.

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