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About Us

Our high level of care and focus on you is what sets us apart and will deliver you the best results.

Have you ever taken Pilates sessions only to end up feeling anonymous and ignored? Maybe you have left feeling like you didn’t achieve what you wanted, or worse, exacerbated an existing injury. We actively reject this model, with a boutique studio that celebrates the small and nurtures the individual. With our detailed attention to individual client needs and goals, you will be supported through every movement; cutting the time it takes to reach your optimal alignment, tone and strength.

Through the philosophy of Joseph Pilates, we facilitate positive changes in the way you move, function, feel and perform. Our highly qualified teachers are dedicated to continuing their education, ensuring all clients receive a progressive and enriched experience.

As part of a wellness group and active members of the Australian Pilates Method Association (APMA) we are leaders in Pilates instruction and well connected with associated health care providers who we can refer you to as needed.

We believe that Pilates is an effective practice for all bodies. An intelligently designed system that has stood the test of time, Pilates can achieve remarkable outcomes ranging from rehabilitation to postural improvements, toning and conditioning.