More and more we hear from both males and females over the age of 50 about how their body is changing; that they don’t feel as strong, mobile or as ‘free” as they once did. There is no denying that as we age, from the time we turn the big 5-0 there are changes in our bodies. Strength, balance and flexibility all start to become an issue and there is a degree of degeneration in our joints and spine.

However, enough of the bad news. Let’s look at the good news.

The latest research proves that exercise is a key factor in ageing well. Whether you are dealing with an injury or a condition, or you just simply want to feel YOUR best, exercise is crucial. This is where Pilates in particular, can help.

Research has proven that staying active and exercising throughout your life can improve your overall health, especially in your older years. The body can yield a range of benefits from improved balance, to mental health and reduced levels of overall pain, as well as lowered risk of heart diseases.

The truth is, everybody’s ageing process is different and specific to them. Genetics, lifestyle, careers and diet all play a role in ageing. Whilst some people over 50 feel pain free and fit, there are those that feel in pain and physically limited.

The aim of a Pilates Instructor is to work with the individual and help them reach their physical best. At Pilates on 88 Bay we will start you where you are at, no matter what your condition or limitations are and come up with appropriate exercises and strategies to get the best out of you in a safe and thorough way.

We understand that there may be disc degeneration of the spine or arthritis of the knee and this is all a sign of life and definitely does not mean we can’t still exercise, get stronger, become more flexible and be the best we can be. It is all about empowering you through exercise to achieve your goals, whether that’s golf, travel or looking after grandchildren.

Which brings me to my favorite aspect of Pilates: “Pilates does not discriminate. It does not care about your age, gender, abilities or strength. Pilates is just designed to make you the best version of you”.

Anna Maginness



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