What better way to assist in the prevention and slow down the progression of age related health problems than practicing Pilates!

Pilates originated back in 1920…the genius himself joseph Pilates practiced until he was 80 years of age! The proof is in the pudding!

Not only is Pilates gaining popularity amongst the younger generations but the older are flocking into studios to get their fix of Pilates!

I see clients daily who have mentioned and I quote ‘I’m getting old’ when particular exercises get a little more challenging or daily tasks become a little tougher to complete.

Joints begin to ache, pelvic floor becomes an issue; this can happen at any stage in life might I add…so pelvic floor exercises are a necessity. Balance becomes an issue, and so on.

Before you embark on your Pilates journey  be sure to check in with your doctor to get the all clear, or to have the doctor advise the instructor on any health related problems you may have.

Its never too late to start your Pilates journey!

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