This is a very interesting question that I get asked quite often. Considering Pilates started in the 1920’s by Joseph Pilates for the purpose of rehabilitation you would think that maybe some of his exercises would have become dated and obsolete. However, Joseph (the man in the white shorts) was ahead of his time. Over the course of his life he developed over 600 exercises for the various apparatus that he invented with the philosophy that the whole must be exercised to achieve good health. His exercises were designed to work the entire body focusing on proper body alignment, balance and movement. Whilst society has changed dramatically  one thing that has not is the human body, so clearly his principle and exercises are not out of date.

Undoubtedly with modern living we have a much greater tendency to be more sedentary, to sit for long periods of time, driving, on the computer, working or even watching TV. Considering this, your instructor may want to focus on more exercises that combat this “modern living” like back extension, posture awareness and hip flexor flexibility. But they will undoubtedly by using exercises from Joseph’s repertoire. This is the instructor’s responsibility to choose the correct and most appropriate exercises for each individuals’ body. The exercises themselves are not outdated however the exercises given to each person need to be right for them and may be tainted by our modern living influences.

Our instructors understand each exercise, their purpose and objective and how it will affect their clients body whilst still working the entire body. Working with a small group and with each individual we want to put your entire body back together again so you walk out feeling stronger, taller and free. So as you can see we are still adhering to Joseph Pilates guiding philosophy that the whole must be exercised.

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