I am constantly asked what makes a great Pilates Teacher and a great Pilates Studio.  With an industry that is still unregulated these are great questions.  The scary thing is that anyone can call themselves a Pilates Teacher – perhaps they have read a book, done a weekend course, or completed a comprehensive 500 plus hours and 18 month course.

To the everyday person it is hard to pick the teacher and studio that has the expertise and knowledge to safely help reach your health goals and get the most from your Pilates experience.

It is therefore up to the prospective client to ask questions and check out the studio before embarking on their Pilates journey.  A Pilates teacher should only be too happy to answer any questions you may have, and should in fact be proud to tell you of all the hard work he/she has put in to make them a qualified expert in the Pilates arena.

What questions should you ask?

  • Are the instructors trained through a comprehensive training program and if so how many hours were they required to practice? Was there a written exam?   How long did the course take?
  • How long has the Pilates instructor been teaching?
  • Does the Pilates studio and Pilates instructor use all pieces of apparatus and are they qualified to teach on all pieces of apparatus?
  • Can the instructors and the studio teach in order to help injuries and rehabilitation?

And always go and visit the studio and see if you feel comfortable there and get that warm, fuzzy feeling.

Remember, Pilates should cater for everyone and their individual needs.  Take the time to thoroughly investigate the right Pilates studio and see for yourself how wonderful Pilates truly is.

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