Maybe the idea of Pilates terrifies you, maybe the thought of all those machines and positions make you think twice about starting Pilates, or maybe you just have no idea what Pilates is?

Not to worry, Pilates is a very professional, client centred practice.  All our instructors are very friendly and knowledgeable and are only here to help you get the most from your experience in the Pilates Studio.  Your instructor will explain/demonstrate and guide you throughout your class ensuring you are safe and working correctly.

The best part to Pilates is you don’t have to be super fit to get started. Whether you are a part time runner, busy Mum or a new exerciser looking to commence a low impact workout, all will benefit from the power of Pilates.

What to wear to a Pilates Class
Steer clear of oversized clothes as the instructor will need to see your body and how you are moving.  Leave your shoes at the door and workout in non-slip socks (these can be bought at the studio).  Tie long hair back.

What to bring to a Pilates Class  
You really don’t need to bring much to your Pilates class as the studio provides most of it for you. You may like to bring a water bottle to keep hydrated.

Do’s And Don’t’s  

  • Don’t intrude on the class before yours.  Be respectful and wait until the previous class has finished.
  • Do turn off your phone before entering the class.
  • Do let you instructor know about any injuries or changes in your body that have occurred since you have last been in.  Your instructor will always check in with you but if it is something new, quietly get their attention and let the instructor know.
  • Do always give feedback about how your body is feeling during class.  If something does not feel right please speak up as it will be beneficial for both you and the instructor.

You may feel excited or a little intimidated with the thought of trying Pilates.  But remember, Pilates studios are filled with all kinds of people with varying ages, abilities and fitness levels all taking advantage of the benefits of Pilates.  You are always welcome to come and watch a class if that will help you feel more comfortable before you get started.

If you’re ready to start Pilates or have a question for our team, please get in touch via our contact us page or call the studio on 9596 9930.

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