There is little doubt that flexibility helps perform everyday activities like lifting children, walking, jogging, vacuuming, and even getting out of bed with relative ease.  As we age our flexibility tends to deteriorate (ARGHH!) and without flexibility daily activities and daily exercise become more difficult to perform.

A body that is neither too tight nor too loose can move with efficiency, grace and simplicity.  When the opposing muscles on any joint in the body work congruently the joints are better supported allowing for a lifetime of quality movement.

Pilates is the optimal environment for effective stretching allowing for active engagement of the supporting muscles at the end ranges of motion.  Staying active with regular stretching undoubtedly prevents loss of mobility and allows for improved posture and active, graceful ageing.

Have a chat to your Pilates instructor who will happily give you some home stretches and you will soon be feeling 22 again!!!

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