Our bodies and ageing are just a fact of life… Or is it?

As we age we all tend to fear the inevitable affects the ageing process will have on our bodies. No longer can we move as well, run as fast, feel as strong and we tend to stoop and look hunched.

But does this have to be the case?  While there is no way we can stop the ageing process, without a doubt practicing Pilates can act as a preventative and transformative modality that keeps us looking and feeling our best for as long as possible, and here are just a few reason why.

Posture:  Poor posture definitely makes us look older. Not to mention the aches and pains and poor movement that goes hand in hand with incorrect posture.  Stooping, hunching are sure signs of ageing. Pilates promotes and improves posture through specific exercises, creating awareness and strength to maintain this correct posture through out the day.

Flexibility: As we age our toes seem to get further away! But this doesn’t have to be the case as Pilates is a stretch intensive exercise. With prolonged practice Pilates can improve flexibility giving the appearance of long, lean muscles and ensuring graceful and efficient movement.

Deep Breathing:  Pilates focuses on the breathe. Deep measured breaths are imperative to Pilates. Well oxygenated cells are imperative to cognitive functioning and higher levels of energy. Did you know that deep breathing stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system (responsible for rest, relaxation and digestion) and shuts down the sympathetic nervous system (responsible for you fight and flight response).

Strength:  Pilates works on both the small and large muscle groups. Over time strength and muscle tone will increase. Pilates is effective at keeping the muscle under tension through out the exercise. With slow deliberate movement and correct resistance, Pilates and its equipment develop strength and tone. Primarily targeting your core muscles, these exercises develop the strength of the ‘powerhouse’ muscles like no other method of exercise – meaning you will be stronger overall in no time at all.

So who needs Botox??!!

See you in the studio.

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