A woman’s body is certainly put though its paces during pregnancy and beyond that into labour.  Even once the baby has safely arrived, your body will be rapidly adjusting itself.  A gentle exercise program that can be built up gradually to assist your body to confront these new challenges is an ideal option.  This is where Pilates comes into its own.

Diagram of a woman's body showing areas of change during pregnancy

Pilates is one of the best exercise modalities that can help ‘put back together” a new mother’s body.  Paying attention to the mothers post-partum needs, a good Pilates program will address issues such as a weakened core, poor pelvic floor strength/incontinence, back pain, poor postural issues, Diastasis Recti (separation of the Rectus Abdominus muscle) and many more.

Any postnatal Pilates program should be designed to suit the individual.  Every women has a different experience of pregnancy, birth and how she feels/recovers afterwards.  Completed under qualified instruction, Pilates provides gentle yet challenging exercises addressing the particular needs of a new mother giving back her strength, stamina and confidence to conquer the physical demands of being a new Mum.

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