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Pilates Classes

Pilates in its true form is personalised and results-focused

Pilates is a therapeutic exercise programme designed to help you work smarter not harder. In its true form, pilates uses precise and controlled movements to improve muscle tone, posture, strength and fitness and to rehabilitate. We believe pilates can be an effective practice for all bodies. As no two bodies are the same, to be effective for your body a pilates programme must be designed specifically for you.

Studio Classes

We practice authentic pilates provided in the way that it was originally intended - through 1:1 individual sessions or closely managed small group classes (4 people or less) so you can perform an individualised programme focused on your body and your physical objectives. To do this, we conduct an initial assessment and design a programme to suit your level of fitness, health requirements, lifestyle and physical objectives.

Your Pilates Workout

With individual instruction, we teach you the correct techniques and help you get the most out of your pilates workout. In this way you can make significant long-term changes to your body while knowing that you’re in safe hands with our highly trained, professionally accredited instructors.

Private and Semi-Private Classes

Prefer to work one-on-one with your instructor?  You'll received undivided attention in our private classes as your instructor guides you through each and every precise movement.

Semi-Private classes are also available for those who would like to do pilates with a friend or family member.  


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Initial Assessment

During your hour long 1:1 appointment, your instructor will take a detailed personal history and gather further information to help develop and identify your individual needs before introducing you to pilates and discussing your pathway going forward.

An initial assessment is required before joining a studio, private or semi-private class.

A few well-designed movements, properly performed in a balanced sequence, are worth hours of doing sloppy calisthenics or forced contortion.