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Group Classes

Group Classes

Our group Pilates classes complement our traditional pilates classes perfectly. 

By including our cardio based classes into your weekly regime, you'll begin to see improvements in your cardiovascular health whilst increasing muscle tone, posture and strength.

Reformer Classes

A 45 minute full body workout on the reformer, these classes are designed to build upon strength, endurance, tone and mobility whilst refining a deeper sense of body awareness and mental focus.  The reformer machine is designed to adjust to suit your individual strength and flexibility. Within a small class of no more than 6 people you will be guided through a varied routine every session. Props may also be used in the class to provide additional challenge and variance.  When practiced twice a week you will notice a positive improvement in your posture, strength, mobility, tone and balance.

Your Pilates Workout

With individual instruction, we teach you the correct techniques and help you get the most out of your pilates workout. In this way you can make significant long-term changes to your body while knowing that you’re in safe hands with our highly trained, professionally accredited instructors.

Jumpboard Classes

Loads of fun! The Jumpboard is an excellent addition to your existing Pilates regime or taken as a class on its own. The Jumpboard adds a cardio element to the Pilates  Reformer repetoire.  Jumpboard exercises are done lying down on the Reformer and pushing off or jumping against an attachment that fixes to the front of the reformer.  As the Jumpboard is a low impact form of exercise it is useful for a wide variety of clients, including beginner, intermediate and advanced clients who want a cardiovascular workout yet being kind to their joints.  Don’t be fooled though... whilst this is a fun 45 minute class you will still receive a full body workout.

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Initial Assessment

During your hour long 1:1 appointment, your instructor will take a detailed personal history and gather further information to help develop and identify your individual needs before introducing you to pilates and discussing your pathway going forward.

An initial assessment is required before joining a studio, private or semi-private class.

A few well-designed movements, properly performed in a balanced sequence, are worth hours of doing sloppy calisthenics or forced contortion.