To say we are excited to be back is an understatement. After a very interrupted 2020, it is so exciting to see everyone face-to-face again and to be starting the year afresh! Between last year’s COVID lockdown and taking a break over the festive season your exercise routine may have been diminished or changed.

We have found since our return to the studio that we have had to remind our clients that their return to Pilates needs to be a safe one. We understand it can be frustrating not to be able to do as much as you used to. You might not be as fit as you once were and that is ok!

Be patient and don’t expect to be back to your previous performance levels straight away, it will take time. To avoid any injuries, easing back into it is the key. Whilst the mind maybe raring to go, our bodies need time to adapt and catch up.

The good thing is that our Pilates instructors know their stuff and can work with you to help build your fitness and strength levels to where you were prior to lockdown, in a safe and controlled way. For our clients starting back, please be assured that your instructor will be checking in on you and considering what kind of exercises you have been undertaking since they last saw you [or lack thereof!].

From here, every class will be designed to allow you to get stronger, more flexible and achieve results without exacerbating any symptoms. We will be working with your specific needs and capabilities with no judgement or criticism, just understanding and strategies to get your body to pre-Covid standards and beyond.

So please be patient and kind with yourself and have faith in your instructor that we will have you back bigger and better than before.

Let’s get 2021 started!


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