I must admit I have a love hate relationship with this piece of equipment.. a piece of Pilates equipment that was originally designed by Joseph Pilates himself, this chair is not as easy to use as it looks!

Resembling a backless chair, the Wunda chair consists of a padded seat with a moveable split pedal underneath that goes up and down and is attached to springs on either side which offers different resistance. It can prove to be terribly unforgiving as it highlights muscular imbalances and weaknesses like no other piece of Pilates equipment.

When using the chair generally there is only a small part of the body connected to the chair, which means less stability and more of a balance challenge. The chair offers many exercises and opportunities to address and correct any injuries, weaknesses and balance issues.. hence my love/hate relationship with this piece of equipment because there is no hiding!

Wunda chair exercises are many and varied and can be performed sitting upright on the padded seat, standing on the padded seat, standing behind or in front of the chair with hands and feet in contact with the pedal or seat.

Being in an upright postion makes the exercises extremely functional as it simulates everyday movements. It is a wonderful piece of equipment for my pregnant clients as they can be upright rather than lying down which can be contradictory after their second trimester.

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