Women’s Health Week Blog

 – By Anna Maginness


Happy Women’s Health Week!!!

While we know that Pilates is for everyone, I did want to concentrate on Women and Pilates for just a minute. To all the women out there who think they can’t perform Pilates, I want to say you are wrong. In fact, women of all ages can benefit from Pilates – whether you are 25 or 65 you can enjoy the advantages of the Pilates Method.

Here are some benefits of Pilates that we can enjoy as women.

  1. Long Lean Muscles

Not Arnold Schwarzenegger-like, but increasing the strength of muscles without the bulk. Many Pilates exercises focus on alignment and strengthening which result in a lovely defined and balanced body.

  1. Strengthen Pelvic Floor

Every woman knows the importance of pelvic floors and whether you have had children or are planning on having children in the future, strengthening your pelvic floors is a must. Pilates is often recommended to improve not only your core but also your pelvic floors.

  1. Develop Core Strength

Your core is more than just a 6 pack. It also includes the deep stabilisers like the pelvic floors, transversus abdominis, obliques, diaphragm, multifidis and the psoas among many others. Pilates focuses on increasing the strength and control of these muscles in a slow, precise and focused way.

  1. Improve Posture

Pilates is the perfect regime to work on improving posture and structural alignment. Poor posture can be caused by slouching, hunching over devices, stress or structural imbalances such as scoliosis. The emphasis on core strengthening, flexibility, and correcting muscle imbalances makes Pilates a perfect exercise option for anyone suffering from structural imbalances or from the stresses of everyday life.

  1. Pilates works the entire body

There are many different and varied exercises in a Pilates class that we always ensure that you are getting a full body workout.  No matter what piece of equipment you are using, the core is the foundation for all movement. – Then by training a balance of arm and leg exercises, we continue and enhance the focus on balance and alignment.  Each class is different, each instructor is different, so every day in every class, you are getting a variety of movements, all with the same common goal to strengthen the body evenly and in balance.

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